' Millennial Wines - Our Story

Our Story

The idea behind Millennial Beverage Group, L.L.C. and the label Millennial Wines springs from our motto:
Young Inspired Leaders Creating World-Class Wine

We are inspired to be in the next generation of Great American Wine Makers and wish to continue the great legacy started by many winemakers before us. With that as our inspiration we wish to bring our entire generation into wine younger and in great numbers than the generations before us. Having said that the label; like us starts from humble origins, here in the small town of Lompoc.

Starting as a project in our garage, we quickly took our hobby into the businss realm to share our story with the world: Three friends who mets thanks to the U.S. Air Force. We all ended up stationed in California as roommates, co-workers, and friends. Starting off as a hobby and quickly becoming a business the label and wine making allows us to tell people our story. The description of the business is really a description of us: detail oriented, motivated, self-starters looking to share the fruits of our labor with the world.